Best Anti-Virus Software [List]

I personally use Avast but I have tried Comodo which is really good also and only $4.99 at the moment on special offer.
You forgot pretty much the by far truly best ones.

1. Kaspersky
2. ESET NOD32 & Smart Security
I would always say either Avast or Comodo, Comodo provides $500 virus protection guarantee.
Well, Kaspersky and ESET are one of the top antiviruses nowdays. You can't ignore them.
Never even heard of them one's, provide links for other users if you think they are good.
Kaspersky: (No. 1 of the antiviruses by the way Smile )

PC Magazine just told me that Bitdefender was the best, where are all these new one's coming from all of a sudden?
Kaspersky and ESET are ole epic antiviruses. Don't know where you life and what a crappy magazine it was.

I used Avira for many years.. It was almost perfect. The one problem was that it reported virus for everything.
I installed avast a few days ago. It's very good so far. The one bit problem is that it doesn't let me to download from solidfiles Cheese. But I just turn off website protecting and it will be good.
Also Comodo reports viruses for loads and is really annoying when it comes to allowing something through the firewall because as soon as Comodo thinks it's a virus it just deletes it off your system.

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