what step i take next
Hey guy I want to know what step I take next for a free website.
I have my website from mybb (free website)
I have dot.tk for my domain (domain)
Post2host (space for my website)

So check out my website (gamernationservers.tk) and tell me what I have prove on. So I can get better on
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Don't put the server list to the main page, make a page for it. Install shoutbox.
Is shoutbox free.okay imma change it when I'm get home
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making a banner for the site. i think you should change the title of the banner from MyBB to gamernationservers.tk Smile
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how do i change my banner from mybb to gamernationservers.tk
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See here http://wiki.mybb.com/index.php/Admin_CP_Board_Settings

I think you should change the theme and make a banner for your site.
Where can I make my banner at or my theme
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Shoutbox is free . FYI there are LOTs of other chat boxes you can have on you'r websites Smile
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Step 1 - Get a domain .
Step 2 - Redesign the website
Step 3 - Configure nginx
Step 4 - ENJOY !~

There are lots of free themes at http://mods.mybb.com/themes .

For a banner, you can probably ask someone here to make one for you or just making something in photoshop/gimp/paint.net, etc.
I can help out with a banner, I have a nice gfx talented guy on my forums who won't come here but I can ask him to do the banner for you free of charge!!!

Drop me a PM if you want a banner and tell me what you want on it and all the things it should have and I'll ask him.

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