4 VPS19s and 1 VPS15 available.
Kiloserve has sponsored more VPSs as part of their 5th anniversary promotions. These VPSs are not from a new provider with no history.

As always, if you want one and meet the requirements, go to http://freevps.us/whmcs/register.php and create an account if you don't have one, and submit a ticket to the VPS Requests department saying you want it. Make sure you include your forum username, which VPS you want and score in the title. If you don't know it, check your profile or one of your posts. Requests without the requested information in title will be ignored.

Don't reply here asking for a VPS
These feel like they happen everyday ;D.
Lol because they are very good company and can get many sponsors and many VPS's
Quote:I would like to thank FreeVPS.us and SecureDragon.net for my VPS5 Smile Thank you guys very much for my VPS5!
That is true, every time i look here there is like another VPS to get LOL
This site must have alot of sponsors to get this many VPS's. :l
Hope i get some from this Smile . I don't want to wait for breathost so i am going for this
Thanks FreeVPS
Dude ~
it ain't bad ~ actually any sort of VPS is good , Being down to earth is key to success .

Sun Zhi - Art of war
Know yourself Know you'r enemy , 100% victory
Know yourself Don't know your enemy , 50% victory
Don't know yourself and the enemy , 100% for defeat
Thanks FreeVps and PyramidServer for the VPS2 !

Step 1 - Get a domain .
Step 2 - Redesign the website
Step 3 - Configure nginx
Step 4 - ENJOY !~

Given out, thread closed, and Happy Birthday KiloServe Smile
Closed as the VPSs have been given away

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