To prevent new users from spamming our forums with: "How do we get a VPS?" we should PM them a "guide" on registration.
And if they have questions afterwards they are free to ask them.
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CraHeX! I like your idea! But I am insecure about whether they will read it or not Skeptical But it is definitely worth giving a try.

Then they would just click next because anything in sign up is 'too' long
CraHeX meant AFTER signing up. The user then gets an automated PM with a guide.

Sounds like a great idea, however I wonder if they'll actually read it.
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I understood it as the system would automatically send them a PM with the guide... That might work better, but still no guarantee that they read it...

Why not set a limitation of posting for a certain length of time after registration, or a requirement for them to read the FAQ before they can do anything like posting, replying and so on?
I think they will be curious and will read it. Just don't make the sentence too long and make it direct to the point. One way would be using link to redirect them to threads that contains answers for there questions.
I support the idea (CraHeX's main idea) and I know how to turn this idea into a concept and at the end into the real automatical PM which will be sent after account activation via e-mail.

As the most I'm afraid that the newly registered members will ignore the PM.

I have a different idea. As an example: On IPB you can force users to read and agree with rules, terms or whatever. If they don't read and agree they can't go on as they have to tick a box which says "I agree..." to use the forum.

The thing above would be great for all new accounts.
This is a great idea and I've been on a few forums that use a similar solution. But as Muderwrecker said, I'm also afraid that this won't solve the problem entirely.

Embedding this PM in the registration problem also isn't a real solution as you can't check wether or not the user has read it, except for when you ask a question about the content that the user needs to fill in in order to proceed.

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(2012-02-29, 11:53:03 pm)kiwiboom Wrote:  Embedding this PM in the registration problem also isn't a real solution as you can't check wether or not the user has read it
Reading receipts exist for a reason.

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