A test sounds like a very nice idea, Also you can ( if possible ) make a user unable to post unless he spent xx:xx time online in the forums, That and not being able to post unless the " Guides and FAQ " threads are marked as Read.

Downside is, some people will skip all these steps ( except for the test of course which can be passed by using Ctrl + F ), After that they will start spamming again with new threads asking how to get free VPS and what not, which might lead into more warnings/infractions/banning issues.
Or, on registration, the user is taken to a page where 'How to get a VPS' is explained ableit a condensed version.
Then throw on a Javascript timer, whereby, if the user hasn't viewed the page for.. at least 30 seconds, they won't be able to post.

That might involve hacking around a little, to make new users be assigned to a group without posting rights, and the javascript timer function would then move the user into the standard group.

Kinda thinking aloud here, but I hope you understand.
I've been meaning to do that for a long time, just never got round to it. I think I'll just put a simple thing that checks the cookie to see if it's been viewed already.
ah, that would make moderator easier hopefully.
I too support the idea, it will definitely prevent people asking same thing to an extent.

May be this can be done or the new user can only be shown the Guide or method to get free vps rather than the full forum itself.
Thanks FreeVPS
But then people just <3 the skip it if its not mandatory .
We have to create a test that can be implemented into our forum's registering system , therefore making it complusory.
Thanks FreeVps and PyramidServer for the VPS2 !

Step 1 - Get a domain .
Step 2 - Redesign the website
Step 3 - Configure nginx
Step 4 - ENJOY !~

This idea is great. But no one will read the lengthy TOS and they just click next.
Another Solid idea which may work may be:--

Why not make a video about Terms and conditions, what to do and what not to do, etc.
The Picture speaks louder than text. Isn't it?
No videos. No offense, but I'm pretty sure that most people (me included) would not watch a video. I would, however, read a guide or look at pictures, just not a video.

Only Grant/it30 would make a video/voice recording.
Explanation: Only he would have the time or money to do that.
I wouldn't watch a video and I think most people wouldn't either, but some explanatory graphics would help certain users understanding and reminding the rules and instructions.

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