Astro A40 Review
How do these compare to other tired and true headsets, like Steelseries Siberia's or something else commonly used?

I've always been reluctant to try newer brands.
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My Turtle Beaches X11's seem to be a monster compared to others like Razer Gaming's Orca , ETC.
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Well, I've bought some new headphones lately and they rock.
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I used to have SteeSeries Siberia V2. I liked them. Though the wires were not so good an they broke 3 times... every time I got a new one... (warranty) Steel Series Siberia might be good, but the Astro A40 are a lot better. The A40s might not be as adjustable as the Siberia V2 (the top, headband part) but they are still great comfort. I have a Sennheiser, lower category as well.... but of course that cannot compete with this headphone Tounge (due to it is lower-mid category). On the other hand the headphone system is really pricy... If you want good headphones on a relatively low price, then I cam suggest Ozone Attack Snow. I just bought it for my girlfriend, arrived yesterday. I have just tried it out a few minutes ago. It is extremely cheap compared how good sound quality you get. The bass is really good, not the best quality, but really good. The mids and high are extremely good. High quality. A lot better than most of the gaming headsets ot there (at least in that or a bit higher price category).

Also another useful feature for gaming is the 7.1 dolby digital surround which is really useful in FPS games Smile It is really good and you can precisely say where you hear the sound. Smile

@CraHeX: Technology Tounge Does that not include soundsystems, headsets, gaming gear, etc? (mobile phones) or is it another kind of technology I do not know about? x)

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wow nice headset, i have one too, i'm enjoying this headset playing battle field 3 everyday. i will not give it 10 for comfort actually it is not as comfort as QPAD QH-1339 which my friend has, it is a lot more comfortable when i compare to this one. when i compare QPAD QH-1339 to this one i can say Astro gives you the option to connect your headset using SPDIF connector and enjoy 7.1CH sound, QPAD doesn't have that option but it gives you something more important , 5HZ frequency response ! so your brain explodes every time you hear a shotgun shooting Cheese .

by the way i'm completely happy with my headset and i like to play FPS games with it, but anyway i have just find out that there is some better options for buying that i may switch to them later.

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