[IMPORTANT] Review guidelines & rules!
If you fail to follow this, your VPS may be removed. It is important you complete your review to a sufficient standard. I've seen all too many substandard reviews and they are simply I appologize to the few who actually review their VPSs properly.

Just posting a few benchmarks isn't a review! A review has to contain writing, anyone can run a few benchmarks and post it. At least show a little interest in the review, that's what helps keep FreeVPS going.

I will also be cracking down on people failing to do their reviews in the first place. Please note that not all VPSs need a review but it's highly encouraged.

If you post a sub-standard review, your thread will be deleted and you will be given a 10% warning for a week.

Posting reviews of VPSs that are not from FreeVPS:

You may post a review about VPSs that are not FreeVPS VPSs or not from one of our providers (see bottom of the forum for our sponsors).

When you post such a review you have to apply nopoints tags to the whole review!

How to use nopoints tags:

Your review content here

Also, for those that like to do gigantic and long benchmarks and then copy and paste all of it onto their post, please use the [nopoints] tags.
will we need to rewrite our review?
If your review isn't good enough then, yes.
If you post a sub-standard review, your thread will be deleted and you will be given a 10% warning for a week.
what if you wrote one a while back, do you need that changed?
If it's more than a few days old, don't worry about it.
what and where or command we must write to banchmark ?

not all have know.. im a new to have a VPS..

hope can help before get warning Smile

Thanks to FreeVPS.us for my Awesome VPS25
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Read the following topic and you will know: http://freevps.us/thread-2252.html

I repeat it for you and for others benchmarks are only one part of a review. You need to mention what you are going to use it for, how you feel about it and write a bit in general about.

A review with benchmarks and specs is not a review, so it will be removed.
And you will get a warning for a sub-standard reviews.

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