Hey guys, do these vps's have some sort of background thingy I think it's an gui, if they don't how could I get an Gui on them cuz I think I'll need an Gui

I think I understand what you need. A GUI to use your VPS as a remote desktop. Actually it's called VNC.

Here are some tutorials that should help you to get a VNC up and running once you got your VPS:

VNC for Debian/Ubuntu:

VNC for CentOS 6 (also works on older versions of CentOS and on all RHEL clones):

I hope that helped you.
Here is a tutorial on how to setup FreeNX and GNOME (or KDE) on CentOS:


FreeNX is like VNC, just more lightweight.
when you say "i need a gui" it feels like you have no idea how to run a server.
By the way, background thingy =/= GUI.
Like murder said , Graphic User Interface = VNC or FreeNX .
But , most people know you cant really do much with just the GUI , you need SSH access to the console and ftp/sftp Cheese odviously from reading what you wrote i can tell you never ran a Linux based server in your lifetime before.
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What do you mean you can't really do much with just the GUI?
You can open a terminal window through the GUI and do everything you can do in SSH in the GUI.
I think he wants to run his VPS as a remote desktop to probably download things or so...

Actually I think it would use too much memory when he uses KDE or GNOME.
The guy is probably just stating out on Linux, the least that we can do is be kind to help him learn.

Browse though our Tutorial board and you will find a lots of information from beginner to advance topics regarding Linux VPS. GUI is necessary if your running a Desktop, for office and/or multimedia applications. But for servers may it be dedicated or virtual, GUI most of the time just bloated the OS and waste the resources since most of the services runs on the background.

It's not true that you can't do much with GUI, in fact sometimes a lot of typing and commands on console could be just a few clicks on a GUI, not unless you make a script. Besides some jobs are better done with a GUI, like image editing, graphics designing, playing and editing movies.
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Thanks for your help people Smile I'll now use this for when I get my vps Wink


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