List of Free SSH Client
There are a few:

- (Java)

Btw: Thanks for reporting the post.
There's also a Firefox addon called FireSSH, but that's not exactly the same thing.
yeah right i have tested and its look nice...

that name is FireSSH addons... but seem to slow..
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Oh yeah, I tried FireSSH once because I use the related FireFTP, but it wasn't as good.
I still use putty to connect. I am used to it.
(2012-04-16, 5:33:47 am)italiarule Wrote:  I still use putty to connect. I am used to it.

putty is favorite SSH, me too im still using putty..

but i found some cool SSH client, so i can change what i want to use for SSH Smile

you must try one on the list.
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I'm using putty for almost 2 years now, and it seems the best. It doesn't have FTP built-in but, anyway I use Filezilla for that.
There is also a new addon for Google Chrome, Secure Shell, that is an terminal emulator and ssh client for Chrome. Check it out;
I use putty, but is there an extension for Google Chrome or anything for SSH that isn't 15MB big, it's a bit steep and kills Chrome's speed.
(2012-04-11, 12:02:40 am)supertanno Wrote:  What I'm currently looking for is a browser-based SSH client. Is there one like that as well?

yes, but its safe to disable 3rd party SSH clients on vps.

@IMHost thanks for the list, looking for that since putty is bit boring Cheese

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