List of Free SSH Client
If you are a linux user, just use terminal, it is pre-installed inside, for windows user, i would use putty...
I'm on KiTTY, ( which is extremely similar to Putty but has even more features!

It's a fork from Putty, with the following features:
Quote:Sessions filter
Shortcuts for pre-defined command
The session launcher
Automatic logon script
URL hyperlinks

Automatic password
Automatic command
Running a locally saved script on a remote session
ZModem integration (experimental)

An icon for each session
Send to tray
Protection against unfortunate keyboard input
Always visible
Quick start of a duplicate session
Config Box

Automatic saving
SSH Handler: Internet Explorer integration
pscp.exe and WinSCP integration
Binary compression
Clipboard printing
The PuTTYCyg patch
Background image

I'd highly recommend that over Putty, as it's not currently maintained. In fact, there hasn't been an update despite the number of bugs it has for years now Tounge

I also love SuperPutty, which lets you use Putty or Kitty in tabs so it keeps your desktop free of many SSH sessions when you're configuring multiple servers.
Quote:Docking user interface allows personalized workspace and managing multiple PuTTY sessions easy
Export/Import session configuration
Upload files securely using the scp or sftp protocols
Supports PuTTY session configurations including Private Keys
Supports SSH, RLogin, Telnet and RAW protocols
Supports local shell via MinTTY or puttycyg
Supports KiTTY
i use terminator on linux because is very simple
I usually simply use ssh as ssh client. It's so easy. To connect, all you have to do is typing "ssh", where "" is your host or IP.
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I use putty for SSH and winscp for ftp, but I'm giving Kitty a try now it seems good so far.
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Putty on Win, On Linux I open a terminal. I mean come on why add a layer of crap when natively Linux has a terminal.

PuttySCP if I have to SCP files. Which is very rare. Filezilla does have scp features also but I use it for sftp,ftp only.
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Bitvise Tunnelier is the best works well on wine too
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i use bitvise tunnelier
putty is the best for me...
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thanks to hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    

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(2012-04-11, 12:02:40 am)supertanno Wrote:  What I'm currently looking for is a browser-based SSH client. Is there one like that as well?

after doing a quick google search I found this

I'm sure if you search on google there be lots more.
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