List of Free SSH Client
[nopoints]SSH or secureshell is one of the best ways to communicate confidentially over the Internet provides a secure channel between sender and receiver, and use encryption techniques to make the procedure safer. SSH is a protocol and there are different clients are available to run and carry out or order to work on this protocol on different operating systems like Linux, MAC, Iphone and Windows.[/nopoints]

Well on this occasion I tried to give some SSH client that works on Windows and Linux operating system, you can try and choose where SSH to suit you.

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. PuTTY 0.61 is out, after over four years, with new features, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for Windows 7 and various SSH server software.

Bitvise Tunnelier
Bitvise Tunnelier is a fast, easy to use and robust SSH client that offers flexible TCP/IP tunneling support. Tunnelier incorporates an FTP-to-SFTP bridge which performs translation between the FTP and SFTP protocols, allowing any FTP client application to connect securely to an SFTP server through Tunnelier.

BitKinex is a freeware SFTP Client for everyone who wants to speed-up his SFTP-related tasks. It does not matter whether you are a power user managing many SFTP servers or just a beginner creating his first web site. BitKinex will guide you through the world of SFTP safely and with ease, providing you with benefits not available in today's SFTP clients.

OpenSSH for Windows
OpenSSH for Windows is a free package that installs a minimal OpenSSH server and client utilities in the Cygwin package without needing the full Cygwin installation. The OpenSSH for Windows package provides full SSH/SCP/SFTP support. SSH terminal support provides a familiar Windows Command prompt, while retaining Unix/Cygwin-style paths for SCP and SFTP.

WinSCP SSH for Windows
WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality. It has a graphical interface it supports basic authentication.

OpenSSH (SSH1 and SSH2 protocol) with Cygwin can run on Windows using the portable version of OpenSSH, which can be either built from source or installed as a Cygwin native package. Several other packages of OpenSSH on Cygwin exist; one that is actively maintained is copssh.

Web based SSH Client :

Firefox Adons :

Here some User on made here own SSH Client and you must try it..

that programs is writen in Java : take a look

By : kacak41


This is just a few List.. i want to Update this tread when i found one again. Or if you have some like this you can write down here.

Thanks For Read.
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have you ever try ZOC

That terminal emulator and telnet/Secure Shell client is well known for it's outstanding user interface. It lets you access character based hosts via telnet, modem, Secure Shell (SSH/SSH2), ISDN and other means of communication. It can be used to connect to Unix/Linux hosts and shell accounts, BBSes, 3270 mainframes (via TN3270 emulation) or internet muds Cheese
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owh thanks for you info bro...
i will try it and update my thread soon Smile

Thanks its cool ssh tools.
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You may want to include the major forks of Putty since they have many additional improvements.
Kitty and Pietty are pretty good imo.
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Eh, are there any popular SSH clients other than OpenSSH on Linux?

Also, for SFTP (and also FTP) I like to use FireFTP; it's an add-on for Firefox, so it's cross-browser and also easy to access whenever I need it. Although usually I just do scp or sftp through command-line because it's easier.
(2012-04-07, 8:41:31 am)perennate Wrote:  Eh, are there any popular SSH clients other than OpenSSH on Linux?
Not everybody use Linux :p
Well they should!

Anyways, I never knew about any SSH clients other than Putty on Windows, so it's very helpful for me. I'm going to try the OpenSSH on Windows and not use Putty anymore if it works Tounge
i have try some tools like BitKinex and Tunnelier and its look pretty GUI... and some include Terminal too.
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What I'm currently looking for is a browser-based SSH client. Is there one like that as well?
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