Which do you think is the best antivirus??
Which do you think is the best antivirus??
I am asking this because everyone spends some money on it. So we should know better option.

I use Kaspersky internet security 2011 ,it is great
AVG Pro does what i need.
Even detects the wrong sites.
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Some months ago i got a virus that downloads "p***" on my computer without any permission. I installed Avast! Home Edition (Also the trial version) And it didn't worked. Then i can't download Kaspersky because my 30-day free trial expired. So one day i downloaded AVG Free Antivirus and it searched the virus and deleted it! So i recommend to use AVG
What you got about AVG
- Free (Or pay if you want more functions)
- Automatic Updates
- Detects if the site is infected or not
As Alpins, I also use the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. Use the Kaspersky antivirus from version 6.0 and have never been disappointed. So far no virus infected my pc (and hopefully it stays that way). Among the things I like about this suite of security:

- Its firewall is the best in the market.
- Do not bombarded with unnecessary questions.
- Protects all the time in real time and is one of the most difficult to disable antivirus for viruses.
- Use a sandbox to isolate any suspicious program and can not modify any sensitive area of our operating system.

In my humble opinion all a kick-ass virus.
i had kasperski (when i was running windows)
I don't use any, but when people ask for recommendations I usually say avast.
yeah i would have to say avast too, everything else doesnt let you have exceptions too well, or is just too annoying to get off your computer, ex when i opened macafee, i can not close it without restarting my computer again, its annoying, but you can always just turn avast off, its the simplest, and cheapest solution.
Use Norton. It's ownage.
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I used to have a bunch of antivirus when I ran Windows because 1. Windows is like a magnet to malware even if you only use Google, YouTube and MSN (and the problem comes from MSN, my friends know this for experience)
2. None of the antivirus I used worked properly 2.1. There is no antivirus that can work properly for an insecure system like Windows (sorry MS Windows fans!)

Now that I use Linux there's no real need for an antivirus, but I have ClamAV installed if anything comes. ClamAV is so lightweight it doesn't take up any system resources (it is almost embedded into Linux), so why don't use it?

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