Anyone know if will start offering Linux VPS again? I really don't want a Windows VPS.

Also the new admin on their forum I heard isn't on yet so they wouldn't have much response there.
You can get Linux VPSs from here!
There might be a lot of VPSs free soon. I think I'll finally get around to checking the post counts.
You mean it's counting time again?

Yeah, if you want Linux VPS then just stay here. Just like at this moment, 4 VPS's are offered. So grab one now.
and now got suspended by hosting or what, i dont know...

what happend ?
Thanks to for my Awesome VPS25
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(2012-04-21, 2:58:25 am)IMHost Wrote:  and now got suspended by hosting or what, i dont know...

what happend ?
soo I heard that and his provider has been sold and now its all uo to guy who buyed dehost its his decision to keep offering free vpses or not i think there no future for Sad
For now, all vps'es aer down Sad
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

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Working on my new project: (soon to come: zPanel hosting and resellers, all for the lovely price of $0.00!!!!)
Hope this make OK to the signature rules!!!!
Thanks to for the lovely VPS4!
(2012-04-17, 10:25:26 am)DeathProxy Wrote:  The members of should depend on that forum for news about the site. Not on this site.

Well you allow it to be posted here. Kind of unprofessional since your suppose to be a moderator, if you don't like competitors posting their news in the forum then you should make a suggestion to a admin.
They are not competitors, they have never and will never be as stable as FreeVPS. Fact.

Just let this thread be, to be honest they will most likely die anyway.
They/it did already die, I guess that Idle (the new owner) is not going to go on with free Windows XP VPSes as it is costly.

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