So, what or who of the post2hosts are good?
For what web hosting or vps hosting or both
hi everyone WinkGlasses-cool l
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VPS hosting.
Ok read the post and all I want to know is when is going up? Or is it going online any time sooner.

As for my VPS here it's so so. I will however try some more stuff on it. Smile
Sander told me the new owner does not want any of the free clients. Start looking for a new host.
Oh that why he or she shut down the website
hi everyone WinkGlasses-cool l
[Image: coollogo_com-307182676.gif]
I came from but because of the hostrail incident I had come here and been staying here for ever I guess. This is the number one free VPS site ever for me.
i haven't tested anywhere else rather than this site, because i think this website is the only website which provides real free vps, others are mostly fake.
Is it easy to get a vps provider and start a post2host company and let them sponsor you???
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It's extremely hard to start a post2host service for VPSs. Why do you think so many people have tried and failed?

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