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Nevil Verdoold
Super Moderator
17th June 2012

A letter to the respected members of FreeVPS and especially member who own a VPS3 or a VPS4

Dear respected members of FreeVPS & owners of a VPS3 or a VPS4,

Hereby, I ask all owners of a VPS3 or a VPS4 and all future owners of one of the two VPSs to open up a thread here if you need support & assistance with a problem with & on the VPS you got from here.

Do not open a support ticket on the client website of Hostigation to get support & assistance from a Hostigation staff member. We (the staff of FreeVPS) are responsible to get your problems with the VPS solved. The Hostigation staff will not help you as you are not a customer of Hostigation.

So please, do not bother the respected & competent staff members of Hostigation.

The staff members of Hostigation have the rights and abilities to do with you whatever they want because Hostigation is under no obligation to provide any support to you as a customer of FreeVPS. The staff members may ban your IP address, remove your VPS or do whatever they want when directly ask them for support although they have told you that they can not provide support to you.

Please, do not send private messages to staff members of FreeVPS when you have a problem with a VPS you got from here. Open a thread in the help forum which you can find here. We will help you as soon as possible and try provide good & fast community support. If your VPS is down or you cannot log in to SolusVM, then feel free to PM dmmcintyre3 about your issue.

Ignoring the rules and contacting the staff of Hostigation is punished with removal of your VPS.

Thank you for your understanding. We do this to avoid incidents between a member and Hostigation. We are responsible to fix up and solve your problems with your VPS when you can't fix or solve it by yourself.

Notice: This applies for all providers, not only for Hostigation.

Yours sincerely,
Nevil Verdoold
You have a nevil@freevps.us address?

By the way, this applies to all hosts. You, in general, shouldn't contact a host for support if you aren't paying for the service.
About the email address:

Yes DeathProxy, I have received a FreeVPS email address from our administrator dmmcintyre3 at the staff lobby.

On topic:

Yes, I have to agree with you. It applies for all providers but nethertheless some providers are kind enought to provide support to us although we are not their customers.

I added a notice that this applies for all providers.
Then I suppose you should change the title?
I guess most members without a VPS3 or 4
won't look at this.
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This thread will be added to the certain topics with the VPS information.

There will be a few updates soon.

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