How many programming languages do you know?
i have only know html and css and little bit php programming otherwise i did not tried any new programming languages . am very hard to start and learn to understand new languages like python
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Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:

i tried learning a PAWN on my junior high school, it was my first program language i learn, first think in PAWN i tried to learn this language but the first trying is fail, i don't know what is this, and then i go to my mentor who teach me PAWN from beginner, he is teach me PAWN for basic, and yeah my logic was goes it here, i thinking to hard for this, nothing to expecting for better skills but this program language is awesome, i can make a project from this, something like a gamemode, filterscripts, etc. Then i go to my #2 programming languages, it's HTML, yeah it's very importan for me because i know this programming languages can make you awesome again, and yeah i have 2 project, first, it's school website and 2 it's something like tools to manage your data and database. the HTML and PHP its very awesome programming languages but, i'm really to hone this skilll for better. i need to focus on 1 or 2 programming languages after make a project when it's make me so great.

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