The "Skip Metro Suite" for Windows 8
Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8

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Hello there respected community of FreeVPS and staff members,

I would like to introduce a tool that I found recently. Skip Metro Suite is a free tool for Windows 8. The free tool skips the Metro screen on startup. After login the menu & screen known in Windows Vista & 7 will appear. You can still change to Metro when you press the Windows button.

To run the Skip Metro Suite you need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on your computer (in the latest version it is said that it is not required anymore). After the installation of Skip Metro Suite you simply start it from the created shortcut on the desktop. A menu like in the screenshot will popup where you can select what you would like to disable or change. You can disable quite a few things like Metro, the Charmsbar, the square buttons and mouse gestures to call Metro.

And now the best comes! You can get back the old start menu well-known in all Windows versions before Windows 8. The tool called Classic Shell will help you to get the start menu back in Windows 8. Classic Shell is fully working on the final version of Windows 8.

- Skip Metro Suite
- Classic Shell
useful software, i don't know why microsoft thinks metro GUI is good for non touch devices like laptops and pc ! with win 8 introduced now we see lots of softwares will be designed to help us get back to previous windows look, so i think win 8 is something like vista and after some month we will get win 9 with old beloved start menu Cheese
I think there is a registry tweak to disable metro, maybe that's how this program functions. But thanks for sharing. I will use this program in the future because its easier than finding the correct registry key and all that
Have you people even given Metro a try?
I find it more productive than the classic start menu. Though I've never thought the start menu was a good GUI or very productive.

Anyway, these are just shell replacements. If you are going to replace the shell, you may as well give something good a go like bblean or emerge desktop.
i was trial to run a windows8 on virtual box, but why does it not ask me for license??
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Because it's a trial and they asked you in 30 days if you have a license. And you probably had to log in with a windowslive ID.
(2012-08-30, 12:41:36 pm)net_robber Wrote:  i was trial to run a windows8 on virtual box, but why does it not ask me for license??

When you use a cracked win 8 you maybe don't use a key because it's cracked. When it's the offical preview, I think you must have a key at the installation. I think after 30day you become a warning and maybe win8 doesn't work any more. until you enter a offical key. Maybe you can escape the dialoge to enter a key, but in my case after 90 day (2 time to escape) it the deadline.
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Wow thanks for this. Using the Win8 Consumer Preview. It's fast, but I hate Metro. Might try messing up with this. I've deleted the "Evaluation Only" text, though. Too lazy to reinstall RTM Tounge

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