Which OS do your PC have?
I use Windows 7 Professional. I would occasionally use a build of Linux, like Ubuntu, and sometimes Android
I have a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Lion and a desktop PC which is dual-booting Window 7 and Arch Linux.
I'm using Windows XP SP3 for my public computer, and Chromium OS for private computer which one use for manage hosting, servers, emails...
I'm using windows 7, with the newest service pack. And Ubuntu etc. in a virtual box.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, came pre-installed on my laptop, i bought last week. Planning to install Windows 7 Ultimate.

Though I will be getting free upgrade to Windows 8 as well..
I have Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit, it is very good and fast and good for my ram because i have 4gb+ ram
I have Windows XP SP3, because I don't have strong computer to run the Windows 7. It can run, but the games and other stuffs are more laggy.
i used to have 2 OSes on my pc (ubuntu and win xp) but now I upgraded to only win 7, and i like it so far.
Been running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit as my primary operating system for just over a year now.
@konorbi 7 isn't as much resource hog as Vista was. It can run pretty fine on a half decent rig as well.

What is the configuration of your system?

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