Which OS do your PC have?
(2016-10-14, 7:58:02 am)PokemonEx222 Wrote:  I use Windows 10 Home. Pretty good OS. But Cortana takes up a chunk of RAM... Skeptical

Can we run Window 10 in a dual Core machine with 2GB RAM without a problem ? I have seen some people using Windows 8 in such computers but don't know about Windows 10.
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(2016-10-12, 5:23:25 pm)matthew9452 Wrote:  i dual boot windows7 and linux mint because their are some softwares i have that will not run  in linux

i agree windows 7 is stable and has an actual start menu and much easier to navigate than the windows 8 and 8.1... far as windows 10 i would reccomand trying it on a vm such as virtual box or vmware before decideing on it i heard it has malliciouse features.

i agree and all but what worries me is certain features which can be turnd off with a little work' but in general it depends on what the user will be useing it for. 1 feature  is the spelling check feature it logs keystrokes and sends data to ms that varify how people spell.. the feature can be turnd off but it kinda scares me. some folks go by this unaware.. but outside that i think it would be a good operateing system. but i would still recommand new people to test it in a virtual enviroment such as virtualbox or vmware before decideing

For me more things work on it. And it will be supported more than windows 7/ So update was 100% worth it
Windows 7 and Mac os on a vmbox, and some of ubuntu linux distros.
Im also using Windows 7 and Linux Mint in dual boot. The main reason is gaming. But since linux is slowly catching up , there is hope that I can run a pure linux maschine someday :cute:
Windows 7 Professional on my main laptop, and Windows XP Home SP3 on my desktop
Gary White of San Francisco, CA, Earth
windows xp is outdated and vulnerable . move into windows 8.1 that's better , am using it now . my laptop is linuxmint but hate those video tearing issue on linux
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Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:

I'm using Windows 8.1 in my PC and it works properly and facilitates things for my needs.It consists of attractive menu system and desktop.
I downloaded it from internet through Torrent.It was 3.9GB in size.The another feature of win 8.1 is fast boot and shutdown.It just gets only 3-5 seconds to boot and shutdown.
Earlier,I used win 7 ,10 Operating systems.In win 10,there was a big data loss due to windows update.So I suddenly changed it into Windows 8.1 Professional.Windows 7 hadn't any trouble while I was using but as a change I changed it into Windows 10 through my foolish mind Tounge
Windows 10 32Bit (x86), installed a few weeks ago.
i am using windows 7 ultiamte 32bits
i used before ubuntu, linux, debian, kali linux, windows xp, windows 2000, windows 10,8 and 8.1
i prefer windows 7 than other one.

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