Your favourite video games
i dont know why i'm not interest with video games Sad
GrandTheft Auto? Even I am playing MapleStory Hahas!
My favorite game is AssaultCube, it's an open source FPS based on the cube engine.
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Thank you & for the VPS3 :heart:
Requirements & Scoring system
PointBlank, the best game played by me
For me

FPS : Call of Duty series and Battlefield series
RPG : Dragon Age series, Fable series
Football :FIFA 2010 and up
Basketball : NBA 2K11

I play some more games, but i didn't "feel" something special on them

n: All PC version, i don't have any console xD
Counter Strike
CrossFire Smile
Thanks for VPS
FreeVPS.Us and Hostigation.Com
Gta sa , COD , Warcraft / bNet
My favourite game is Battlefield Bad Company 2.
It's an action game whit good graphics. The games singleplayer part is too easy and short but the multiplayer part is very good and have so much servers to play. If somebody plays with it send me a message and we can play together.
The second favourite is the Minecraft. My friend Szilard made a server and we play together with some other friends on this server.
When my PS2 was working I loved to play fighting games.
Raw vs sd, mk, ufc:impact, etc
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> Need For Speed
> Gost Recon Future Soldier
> Red Alert III Uprising
> Football Manager
> Swat 4
> PES 2012

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