Your favourite video games
i realy love GTA 5 and League of Legends.
What about you guys ?
- The Elder Scrolls (just played Oblivion and Skyrim)
- Fallout (Just played 3 and New Vegas)
- Portal
- Quake 3 Arena
- Mass Effect
According to the topic of 'My Favorite Video Games' I would like to present my desired video games.
1. AC black flag
2. GTA V (not played yet Skeptical)
3. Mafia 2
4. Sleeping Dogs
5. AC Brotherhood
6. AC Liberation
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping dogs is a third person,open world game developed by Square Enix that allows player to do lot of things in the game.It can be run on Windows,PS4 and Xbox.Later,it was remastered as Definitive Edition so far.The protagonist Wei Shen can perform perfect tactics while fighting with enemies.Finally,we have to go through a dun forest to kill antagonist ,Big Smile Lee.The main tactic of this game is we can drag a enemy and push it to some an example,we can push enemies into rotating fans,engines and can put enemies into garbage collectors also.In this manner,finally Wei Shen goes to Lee and he drags Lee and puts him into a ice breaker Oops .Therefore,we can get a unforgettable joy through this game.

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