Bypass Windows 8 driver signature enforcement
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Driver signature enforcement? Yes, now, or atleast with(in) Windows 8 drivers are forced to have a signature or otherwise Windows won't install them. It will simply refuse the installation for drivers without signatures. This, to be honest, looks and sounds like a bulletproof idea against bad drivers but at the same time it'll stop you from working with certain drivers like the Android ADB drivers. So I've found two successful ways to disable this annoying feature of Windows 8.

Method 1 (not permanently):
  1. 1. Go to the right bottom corner of the desktop and wait for the side menu to appear. When it's there click on the gear icon with the title "Settings".
    2. Now click on the entry "More PC Settings", then click on the entry "General".
    4. Scroll down to "Restart now" (under "Advanced startup") and click it.
    5. Wait a bit for a menu.
    6. Now click "Troubleshoot", then "Advanced Options" and after that click "Windows Startup Settings".
    7. Click on "Restart" and wait for the profit to happen.
When the computer restarts, select the option "Disable driver signature enforcement". After it finally booted into the operating system you can install the unsigned driver. After you've installed the driver reboot once again and you're done.

Method 2 (permanently):
  1. 1. Open the Windows command promt as "Run as Administrator".
    2. Run "bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS" (without the "").
    3. To finalize the process run "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON" (without the "").
    4. Reboot and you're done.

To disable it do step 1 and run these commands on step 2 and 3:

2. "bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS" (without the "")
3. "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF" (without the "")

Then do step 4 and you're done.

This method leaves a watermark saying you are in testmode until you disable it again. Only do this when you need to install unsigned drivers. Disable it when you've installed all drivers you needed.

That's it Wink.
Thanks for the tutorial since I might be getting a Windows 8 laptop soon.
so method one is just restarting it so that a menu pops up at boot?
Thanks for the tutorial, i want to know that where i have to apply the second method is it in safe mode or in normal mode.
Thanks URPad And Freevps.Us.

Yes, it's likely a new thingy made by Microsoft.

Actually method 1 does the same as 2 but only for the time after the reboot, if you reboot again it's gone.


It doesn't matter.

Works in normal mode and in safe mode.
(2012-11-18, 5:57:54 pm)Nevil Wrote:  Yes, it's likely a new thingy made by Microsoft.

it was in Windows 7 F8 menu as well
Cody Maverak
is it possible to just remove the watermark and leave it in testmode?
Try it with "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF" in the command line and reboot.

I'm not sure whether it will or will not be in conflict with the test mode. So, try it out.
(2012-11-19, 7:24:00 am)Cody_Maverak Wrote:  it was in Windows 7 F8 menu as well

Just what I was going to say; the trick here is getting to the startup options menu which was very well hidden on Windows 8 (requiring you to boot up the system completely before you can enter, for example, the recovery mode, which IMHO makes support a nightmare).
Wait, we need to fiddle arround with bcdedit to disable it? Wasn't there an option to do it before in windows 7? I remeber vaguely something like that :x

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