Free SA:MP Server hosting.
Hello people!
I have a new service, it's a free SA:MP (game) server forum.
People will need to make 30 posts to gain an server.
It's on a shared IP, so your server will be port based.
So far there are no complaints from users so it's running well (Tounge)
Have a look if you're interested.

(Already ~20 people joined!)
[Image: lJnc516.png]
That site looks almost exactly like this. How did you copy it?
It's a free theme.
oh, that makes sense.
Do you guys host Minecraft servers or do they chew up bandwidth too quickly?
Working on my Facebook app!
Bandwidth is not that problem, it's the RAM useage.
To have a good running MC server you'll need at least ~512MB Physical.
And that's too much to give out free.
[Image: lJnc516.png]
this site is not available now? i cant access it..
Server problems :l
Arghh, i don't know what's wrong but it is off for weeks D:
[Image: lJnc516.png]
What does SAMP mean?
Rep me if this helped you.

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