Poll: Which is better old or new games?
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New games ofc!
3 14.29%
Old games are just class
16 76.19%
Not bothered...
2 9.52%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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Old games Vs New Games
New games are good because they bring new mechanics to the gameplay, new graphics.
Old games are good because they bring back nostalgia and memories about when you were playing those games maybe with your friends.

I am really not sure about what to vote in this poll as both are good choices.
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Old games, many of old games are yet awesome. Like, It's been more then 15 years(approx), since GTA SA was launched. But I still play it. Why? SA:MP is the reason <3 . I still play old games cuz my PC isn't eligible for it Tounge
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These new games have become more and more Resource Hogs. Like you need to get PCs just for games. In Old days games were made for computers rather than computers made for games. Still my favorite all time game is Star Wars: Rebellion. It has nothing to do with recently Rebellion series.

This game was released it 1998 and I found it around 2003 and ran it on my first computer. AMD PC with Windows XP. The Best Real-time strategy game I have ever played. This game was like 10 times advance than Age of Empires. It was so vast and complicated took me about 3 weeks to complete the game after figuring out everything. That's after playing 8-10 hours EVERYDAY. Today everyone trying hard to improve graphics to real life level and forget about need of computer resources.
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