Poll: Which is better old or new games?
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New games ofc!
3 14.29%
Old games are just class
16 76.19%
Not bothered...
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Old games Vs New Games
Hey there,

Now I want to know what you think about old games vs new games.

For example I still reallly like old game more than new...

Heres a list of really old games which I used to play:

-Command & conquer
-Hospital tycoon (or theme something like that)
-Zoo tycoon
-Pac man <3 <3
-Snake Cheese

There are many others which I cannot remember off the top of my head....Please tell me your favorite games and which is better new or old games? Cheese

old games I really liked were:
pac man
donkey kong
and believe it or not space invaders
I Play Old Games.... Like

C&C Generals And Zero Hour....
Call Of Duty 1,2,3,4
Because My Pc Just Support Oldie Games...
i bought a lot of game many year before, but not now days
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Oldies FTW ! No compatibility issues for me and works always.
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Old games are also good.
New games require too good RAM, CPU and video card.
I like a this new game called sauerbraten. Exept it plays like a very old FPS.
C&C Generals Zero Hour
Return to the Castle of Wolfenstein (I can't believe no one mentioned this game)
Medal of Honor
Call of Duty

That is my list.
Most new games are too focused on how much money they can make, and not the quality of the game. Instead of having that as a by-product of making a good game.

There are still a few that are good, but to stick with the rest of the thread, my favorite older games would have to be...

Mario Bros: 1 and 3
Unreal Tournament
Battle Toads
Final Fantasy 8
Monster rancher
Tekken 3
CoD 1, 2, and 4

Plenty of others.
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Half life 1 (didn't play it but I played black mesa source)
Half life 1 blue shift (didn't play it but I heard it was quite good)
Half life 2 (played it and it was great)
Half life 2 Ep 1 (excellent because I get to interact with Gordon Freeman's girlfriend)
Half life 2 Ep 2 (same as episode 1, the plot thickens.)
Half life 2 Lost Coast (just a test of things, no storyline but it was amazing)
Portal (amazingly tough challenge, even tougher than Portal 2)
Portal 2 (Great graphics and visuals, improved game engine, storyline was excellent. I felt that it was easier than Portal 1 as I completed the campaign with 6 or 8 hours.)
Team Fortress 2 (Hats, hats, always hats and its free.)
Counter Strike Global Offense (Great graphics and improved engine)

I would recommend TF2 because its free and great!
I expect the release of Riochet 2, which will be powered by Source 2, to come out this year or maybe next year.

Castle Crashers is one of my favourites as well. (Great graphics and visuals, combination movements and good storyline.)
I would recommend it for casual players, co-operative players and competitive players too.

s-it games such as Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, should be removed.
Modern Warfare 1 was okay but waaaay too over-rated. (Its better than MW2 and 3)
I would recommend CoD series for casual players, you just aim and shoot, not much skills required.

I'm pretty much bothered by EA's marketing and EA's store, Origin.
Battlefield 3 was great until EA ask DICE team to do more s-it and s-it.

Great games such as C&C are ruined mainly because of EA.
RIP WestWood, bought down by EA.

Bioware is getting fucked by EA as well because EA actually told the Bioware team to work on C&C series, wtf?

RIP Rare, getting fucked by Microsoft to make some shitty games.

Let's just all place high hopes on Valve and we will not get disappointed.
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