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(2013-03-16, 5:50:19 am)Nevil Wrote:  Of course you can.

MyBB works fine under Nginx (we run MyBB on a Nginx setup).

Great to here that sir,
Maybe thats the reason why is very fast.
nginx is really nice but it can be hard to setup without a good tut.
ipboard works on nginx?
how to install with dns?
i want to like this
so i want in var/www/"mydomain"
Sure, IP.B will work on Nginx because it's like almost everything works on Nginx and if you're not sure do a Google search.

This script includes a vhosts setup that creates everything for you. All you have to do is to point the to your VPSs IP address with an A record.

Just install it somewhere for testing (maybe a trial VPS or so).
thanks for the nice list do you update it with more tutorials?
Sure, I update it as soon as a proper guide is posted.
thanks a lot sir nevil,. very much appreciated.. im still new in creating VPS.. still studying what is VPS here
so with this links you can make a fast web server?
They are optimised for Low-End-VPS; it will be up to you to fine tune the settings/configuration base on your VPS/server specification and the requirements/demands of the web site(s) you'll be hosting.
Thanks! for the free VPS and for all the knowledge that I've learned here at the forum.

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