What would you do without the internet?
Without interenet I would do something else like engineering or farming.

Farming is hard work and takes a lot out of farmer but it can be the best job in the world.

As for engineering it can be very interesting.
sit right in front of my computer while playing Minesweeper and pray that the world would get ended soon :p
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In the Beginning... Was the Command Line
back in my day, people don't know what internet is

they still live their life
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I'd probably abuse minecraft or masurbate. If it was out forever I'd probably cry.
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Ou...Without internet...Life without Internet...OMG Smile

I dont know what would I do without internet...Maybe I would be more outside that usually, I'd read more books, and play guitare more than now...I dont know..And I dont want to know Smile
i will die lol
Try to have a rest ,travel
If there was no internet, we would all come together and make one, right? Tongueout
Can't iagine, may be 2nd choice Gaming & Programming Laugh
Gaming would be boring without multiplayer. Laugh

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