What would you do without the internet?
I'd still spend lots of time on the computer. Trying to find how I can rebuild the Internet maybe. Probably start from scratch again. In the days leading up to the Internet. I'd never give up though. Once the Internet goes down, there is always a few other ways to work around it. IT is like that. there is always more than one solution for working around a problem.
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I would invent internet or try to create it. It would be about as exciting as using internet.
Trying to be farmer or an advanturer haha.

Actually if you're in nature, you can do anything just like on Internet.
You can eat mushroom (which didn't have poison surely), eat everything you see (nature fruits) *lul
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A teacher..If there was no internet I might already working as a teacher.I spent sometime on internet.Right now on training.After 2 years I will be a teacher.
Lol! I think I would rather start taking field trips and spend some time with the family and may be devote more time to reading novels or something of that sort Tounge
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Without the internet... for sure i couldn't read this thread! So i wouldn't ask myself what would i do without it  :rofl: :rofl:
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Without the internet, I wouldn't be able to answer this question anyway...

I wonder what people do when they cannot get online due to lots of reasons like government policies and financial related hardship..
All the things i enjoy and i already do but in larger amounts of time. Playing the piano, reading, going to gym, hanging out with friends.

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