What would you do without the internet?
I don't think the life would stop without internet we are many other stuff to do in our life like playing,study and other.
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life seems to be impossible now a day without connectivity.
but still I can answer it as there are massive power outrages in my area and also no power=no internet so I usually go out meet new people and in short have a life that people used to have 10 yrs ago.
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I would do nothing without the internet.
Well my life will be totally different. Because most of the time I spent in front of my laptop using internet. And 75% of learning now I am done through Internet surfing.
No Pain No Gain....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmm xD it would be hard Cheese just kidding. I would be more out, more playing football or basketball.
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Without internet.... I would be a hobo.
without internet... I would invent internet!!!
If u ask this question 5-6 years ago I would say NO PROBLEM. But now I'm totally depends on internet. Specially Google. And also facebook, youtube, skype, etc...
So a world without internet will be the HELL for me Wink
I would probably spend more time outside playing soccer or something...
It's a nightmare. Let's stop thinking negative. Tounge

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