What would you do without the internet?
I would be lost without the internet, because I spend most of my life online. I'm trying to make a living from my websites, and if I couldn't do that I wouldn't know what to do. I'd probably be stuck working a crappy factory job for the rest of my life.

What about you?
Probably live a normal life like they did 20 yrs back and be an engineer or something.

Which I actually want to be after university, how odd.
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i think we have same topic on other thread.

i be outside playing basketball and working
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may i can get stress of that but in my real time i have some job with not need internet connection.

some people cant work without internet..

so we hope internet not die Smile
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Living w/o internet is a hard thingie
stay with girls,
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I would be pretty much lost and would get back to good old stone age, living my life with rum and loot.
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it will be better for me i think, i will not waste my time surfing around and i will be with my family more than now, but when i think about it a little more i find it rather hard for me and maybe most of us to live without internet, it will be really hard because now i'm relying on internet for many of my daily works that i have to do.
Google wouldn't exist, Microsoft wouldn't have internet browser monopoly, Apple wouldn't create iPhone. I think it's good.
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