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(2013-01-13, 10:49:54 pm)air Wrote:  adblockers are advanced enough to remove anti-adblock scripts
I guess someone even don't have a chance to see the request Cheese

edit: I've disabled AB on

You didn't understand my approach, I'm only suggesting a script that detects and not the one that removes.

Disabled Adblocker , smoothy income ~
I used adblocker to prevent other annoying ads to appear. but, i forgot to put this site in exception list ... Now, disabled adblocker for this site completely Smile
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i am using opera and i went to its content block feature and it shows nothing blocked on current page.
I am using opera with adblock plus but when i put in exception list, it doesn't display correctly
note that, adblocker disabled right away
FreeVPS Hostigation

I don't like ads, but free VPSes need ads, so I have disabled ad blocker for this website. Sorry about that.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
I disabled Adblock here, too.
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Long life! Wink
I also disabled my ad blocker.
Thanks URPad And Freevps.Us.
On behalf of the crew I would like to thank you all for disabling any Ad block programs.
For the first day we have seen quite a difference from normal. Keep on disabling adblock and we'll be able to grow faster.
Again, thank you very much for disabling, it is very much appreciated.
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