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I am new here!! Ad blocker disabled.
I think its a support for
i already disabled my adblock...... but only in this site Smile
Okay, people, stop telling us that you've disabled adblock.
freevps may also add a donation button on the Navbar tab, as the bottom donation is ignored most of the time.. also other donation option such as Google Checkout , Payza etc should be added as not all countries support PayPal ...

p.s I also disabled adblocker on this domain
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(2013-02-02, 7:40:23 pm)DeathProxy Wrote:  Okay, people, stop telling us that you've disabled adblock.

Better close this thread and install AdBlock Detector script.

We'll take this into account and we'll think about it however it requires one of us to own a credit card (Google Checkout/Wallet).

Thanks for the suggestion though!
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Thanks for letting me know. I have disabled my ad blocker on this site. Smile

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