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If you are using an ad blocker on, please disable it. Over the last 30 days, over 50% of pageviews did not load our ads. Some of our ads pay per page view, so that's less income for us which means we can't buy as many VPSs and dedicated servers.

If you use ad blockers because you find most ads are annoying or cause slow page loads, I have done my best to pick ads that are not annoying and have minimal effects on page load times. If an ad is annoying or greatly effects page load times for you, let us know so we can fix it.
Either don't use Ad blockers or add to your exclusions. We appreciate your co-operation.
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Apologies, I use adblocker by default. Disabled it on this page now.
I haven't disabled adsense ads to support foums,blogs of choice Smile do something for mobile users, no ads on mobile version.
I found that, some of the ads has "Connection is untrusted" and automatically blocked by Mozilla. Is there any way to find out about this?
Ad Block Plus for Google Chrome allows you to add trusted domains, where ads are displayed. I don't really mind FreeVPS ads as Google don't allow for annoying ads.
Well I can't really browse too many places with ads without it since I am on dial up. No they don't offer anything else where I live so it won't matter. I have disabled it and tried loading this page again took like 40 seconds.

So I had fun while it lasted guys but I am now gone from here. See you all on the flip side. Smile
I do not know why I bother posting here, Everyone knows more then I do ........ just ask them.
Or you just enable ad blocker, if you REALLY have no other choice.
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I saw enabling SSL disables ads.Also in mobile i don't see ads.
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Adblocker disabled right away. Google Chrome as well as filtering ads by default also did let me turn the wholee thing off.

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