Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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145 84.80%
From friend
19 11.11%
By a referral link
4 2.34%
Other search engines
0 0%
Other communities
3 1.75%
Total 171 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
Someone linked me on reddit while I was looking for a free VPS :3 Well It's not a free VPS but it's even better!
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I googled free vps, signed up for a few scam sites and then googled "Free VPS legit" and freevps.us was suggested on a website.  Ok
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Thanks to FreeVPS.us and Hostigation for VPS 18!
Google and Freedomain.club which is transfer to freevps.club at 2016

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