Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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155 83.33%
From friend
20 10.75%
By a referral link
4 2.15%
Other search engines
1 0.54%
Other communities
6 3.23%
Total 186 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
Although it is the #1 or the site is on the first pages of Google in a search for "Free VPS", I was invited by dmmcintyre3 to come here when it was founded, hence my userid = 6.
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
My personal Phrase

Can you sponsor me a Xen/KVM VPS?

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Working on my new project: http://lunarhost.nut.cc/ (soon to come: zPanel hosting and resellers, all for the lovely price of $0.00!!!!)
Hope this make OK to the signature rules!!!!
Thanks to https://www.host4fun.com for the lovely VPS4!
I just searched "Free Vps" on gooogle and i found freevps.us on first rank.
Thanks URPad And Freevps.Us.
google : "free vps account "

I wait (point) to see what type of vps you have !!!!!!!
yes i found it using google too !
I'm googling for free vps.

I had known freevps.us months before i registering. I thought it was just "another" scam sites.

After tired of ANOTHER scam sites, i registering, voila, my vps up and running.
FreeVPS Hostigation

DuckDuckGo. But seriously, somebody has referred me to ChunkHost (it seems to be one of these people who somehow got account here), and I've found a thread about it here. I've decided to register and make 20 posts, because even if it would be a scam, it wouldn't waste too much time doing that. It actually wasn't a scam :-).
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
i know FreeVPS from google, thanks google Cheese
i found in google Smile i am happy to find this site Smile
yup... searched free vps in google, first result was this site. back then, thought, huh ... really !!! but now, really wow Smile
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My OVH microVKS came to an end, and I wanted a free VPS that could offer similar reliability. I really liked Blinkenshell shell provider's participate-in-the community model for free, better quality services, and thus I chose to signup.
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