Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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155 83.33%
From friend
20 10.75%
By a referral link
4 2.15%
Other search engines
1 0.54%
Other communities
6 3.23%
Total 186 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
Me from google I'm search "free VPS" for 1 month and now I find freevps.us from other blogspot people experience
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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ofc google... while i was searching for a cheap vps for testing.. I found this site.. [nopoints]At first I owned a server from a hosting so didnt bothered to try to get a free one from this site,and so I didnt worked.. but after 2/3 months I indeed needed a free vps and VOLA .. freevps gave me a free vps after completing the task and now this site rocks for me.. Cheese[/nopoints]
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Google i wanted vps for website and want free one someone told me about post2host so i looked up "FreeVPS" and found this Smile
Google Free Vps/Web space after look at amazons free ec2 package
When I used to be really addicted to minecraft and I wanted to find a server to play minecraft on with my friends and install plugins and all that kinda stuff. I was looking up like "free minecraft servers" then learned what a VPS was and that people sold linux VPS servers that you could put minecraft on. Then I searched Free VPSes or something like that, found freevps.us, signed up and I've been here every since.

i find it by google Smile
I found it after some research on the net about vps companies etc.
Also have seen some posts on other forums about that website.
Well i found this nice forum in google too. I searched "free vps trial" and now im here Smile
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This is where and how i found out about Free VPS, it's a very useful website! http://is.gd/k5dYNW

(2013-02-13, 12:04:36 am)Ramziukas Wrote:  Well i found this nice forum in google too. I searched "free vps trial" and now im here Smile

This is the wrong site for free vps trials, we only give free vps's, they aren't trials.
I found it through searching Google about FREE VPS and from this site and one of my friend told me.

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