Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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139 84.24%
From friend
19 11.52%
By a referral link
4 2.42%
Other search engines
0 0%
Other communities
3 1.82%
Total 165 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
(2016-06-29, 3:17:47 pm)Jake Wrote: Aw man! What about Bing? I haven't seen anyone say they found the site through Bing which is quite hilarious lol.
Approximately Google Controls 65 Percent Of Search Bing 33 Percent that may be the reason  that no one have yet said it
Poll updated with more voting options such as other search engines (based on discussion between members talking about finding us through Bing and Yahoo, etc..) and other communities (people found us through our partner site or other communities online). If anyone else has ideas for more voting options feel free to contact us.
Si enim fallor, sum. Nam qui non est, utique nec falli potest. Ac per hoc sum, si fallor. Quia ergo sum, si fallor, quomodo esse me fallor, quando certum est me esse, si fallor?
Found on some catalogue of sites like this one. And I don't regret time I wasted for using search engine.
My way is probably same as others >.> I found freevps.us through Google. I just searched free vps and FreeVPS was the second or the third link on my list. I'm glad I registered though :333
[Image: 5d79e0f7c0732ca3a1c85a3e5f4f9498.gif][Image: img.php?v1=1&userid=19383][Image: thapple.gif~c200]
I FOUND about freevps.us in google while seeking and searching for chances to get a legit FREE vps offer out there instantly, but it seems everything that i found on google about FREE VPS with instant activation is a TOTAL LIE!! that's why i have to dealt with this kind of offer Smile

Looking forward to have a free and quality vps here. Smile

Thanks In Advance!

Best Regards,
I found a post that was talking about good trustworthy free vps providers via google. Before that, I went to several websites that were extremely scammy. I'm glad to finally land here and have an option that isn't a scam.
Eh, who on earth found this site from Bing? In fact who still uses it? lmao.
Anyways, I too have been fooled by alot of fake "Free VPS" services, fortunately I found this site.
[Image: img.php?userid=18257]
I found about freevps.us in google while searching for FREE vps offer
My Good Friend and Teacher "Sir Hidden" explore me for this. and i like this forum and aim to work here .
I found information about freevps forum at nationserver website. Nationserver also provide free vps. My friend told me about the nationserver, I registered on it and start postings but i saw that there is no activity on nationserver forum so i checked other free VPS Providers board. There i found FreeVPS.us and came here. Now trying here to get a free vps. Tongueout

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