Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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146 84.88%
From friend
19 11.05%
By a referral link
4 2.33%
Other search engines
0 0%
Other communities
3 1.74%
Total 172 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
Someone linked me on reddit while I was looking for a free VPS :3 Well It's not a free VPS but it's even better!
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I googled free vps, signed up for a few scam sites and then googled "Free VPS legit" and freevps.us was suggested on a website.  Ok
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Thanks to FreeVPS.us and Hostigation for VPS 18!
Google and Freedomain.club which is transfer to freevps.club at 2016
was searching for free vp got some freevps club thread from there link of this site Smile

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