Poll: How did you find about FreeVPS ?
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155 83.33%
From friend
20 10.75%
By a referral link
4 2.15%
Other search engines
1 0.54%
Other communities
6 3.23%
Total 186 vote(s) 100%
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How did you find out about FreeVPS?
Tell how did you find about FreeVPS ? Is it from advertisement, referral link, by friend etc.....

I found it through searching Google about FREE VPS and from this site:
uhm google.com : free vps
ProEconomica Tutorials
Bitcoin Mining Tutorial - Website hosted on VPS 25
I find it by Searching google keyword: �vps�..
I was searching in google for free vps server and i found this site, firs i think that this is some ilegal website but after some research i found that this site is ok. And it realy giving free vps.
[Image: 728x902.png]
From Google search of "free vps providers" and there it landed as the third result, back in 2010.
Left FreeVPS, may pay a random visit sometime.

Been searching after a free vps on Google and found this at the time when IT30 was around.
By Googling, but back in September 2010 I really had to pass some pages to find this. And since then I've been quite settled.
[Image: lJnc516.png]
google when i try look for a free game server
hi everyone Wink:cool: l
[Image: coollogo_com-307182676.gif]
through google, by searching Free trial VPS Cheese
[Image: tveprdrw.png]
Free vps looking for a place with a friend and we found that

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