How to increase openvpn speed
I have created a server with openvpn but the speeds are slow i heard from someone radius part, which need to be installed for fast proper connection
How would i do that i am using centos6 32bit and the vpn keeps asking user and password when i connect,how do i prevent this also?
For the 2nd question you can save the connection info to a file so it also saves the password. I think you should get a vpn for you which is closer to yor country.
No when i am connecting it keep asking for user and pass and i already have saved the pass with username in the openvpn config directory so why does it ask for it?
You can't increase your OpenVPN Speed. It all matters to your connection when you connect to the VPN and VPN to you. (Basically it all depends on your internet speed)

For the above reply: Ofc they would ask you username & password. It listed on the config that each time someone wants to connect, it should ask username & password.
VPN and proxy servers act an extra layer between you and the web-server, i.e elongates the path of the packet which travels from your computer to your ISP and to the web-server, but now it goes from your computer to your ISP, then to your VPN and finally approaches to the web-server. This elongated path consumes time which in turn reduces speed. Lower the distance, higher the speed. So the point is, if you're using a proxy or a VPN, you wont ever get normal speed of your connection or higher than that. It always will be low or near to that.
Left FreeVPS, may pay a random visit sometime.

what if i want to get get a stable connection do i install freeradius,and how do i prevent vpn from asking user and passwd when connecting?
The other vpn i am using from someone else its not buffering on videos such as youtube and that and my vps is buffering and its connected on the same port and there is another port i can connect from someonesvpn who gave me the details but when i try tat port on my vpn its not connecting?

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