Terms of this section!
Terms for the "Help & Support" forum for our (FreeVPS) VPSs.

1. You may only request help for a FreeVPS (freevps.us) VPS here.

2. You can get help for non FreeVPS VPSs here.

3. Use pastebin.com and similar services for long pieces of logs, code or error messages.

4. Supply as much information as possible (Which VPS you have, who the provider is, a copy or screenshot of the error message, error logs & what you did before the problem occured).

5. Use the [SOLVED] prefix when your problem was solved!!!
A brief list of information that you should not post in a help & support request for your own security and convenience.

  1. Your personal IP addresses (both IPv4 & IPv6)
  2. Your VPS IP addresses (both IPv4 & IPv6)
  3. Ports of certain applications running on your VPS (e.g: "my SSH runs on port 1234 instead of 22")
  4. All kind of passwords (root passwords, other Linux user passwords, passwords for panels, etc...)
  5. Personal details (address, names and etc...)
  6. VPS control panel URL & login details

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