Domain auction rules
A set of rules you should know before selling domains on Free VPS Discussion.

  1. Include the domain(s) in your auction topic (Things like: "PM me to get the domain name" don't work!).
  2. Always specify the domain provider/registrar in your auction topic (Example: Domain registered at GoDaddy).
  3. Always provide the date of registration and the date of expiration of the domain (Example: Date of registration: 10-04-2012, Date of expiration: 10-04-2013).
  4. Specify a minimum bid for the start of the domain auction (Example: Starting with minimum $1).
  5. Provide a proof that clearly shows that you have access to the provider's/registrar's panel and that you own the domain(s) you're selling (Unprotected WHOIS or a screenshot of the panel with the domains).

We reserve the rights to ban/remove domains without a proper WHOIS or anything else that is against the rules from above from being sold on Free VPS Discussion. We're not responsible for damage of any kind (money loss for example). You offer & buy domains on your own risk!!! You alone are responsible for your own auctions & actions. Scamming attempts lead into a permanent ban from Free VPS Discussion and the loss of your VPS.

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