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Chrome vs Firefox
As the thread title says, what browser do you use, Chrome or Firefox and why?

What do you think are the advantages over using one over another?

Before i start, let me make clear i used to be a Firefox lover until Chrome came along with everything i used.

I think Chrome because it has all the plugins Firefox has as well as a extremely fast load up time.
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I use firefox for firesheep and chrom for surfing in the net
In my opinion Firefox is better than Chroma, I use firefox in my Laptop, It is easy to use, safe and very secure, it has stronger filters and protection against malware, phishing places of privacy and safety.
Compact UI = win.
Fast boot time = win.
chromeTouch = win.
Google = win.

I have used Chrome since the version 2 of the browser, and never, ever, once switched to any other browser.

Most of people switched from IE to Firefox and stick to FF. As of me, at the time that I switched to FF, the news of Google developing a browser of their own spreaded. At that time, I hadn't familiar myself with FF yet, so it's pretty easy to switch again to Chrome. And I immediately addicted to the compact UI.

I love Firefox....
Chrome is a bit lightweight than Firefox...
But it has less Add-ons and feature...
Also you know Firefox is fully open source...
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Chrome is just as open source as Firefox. AFAIK, only the logos and names are copyrighted. Otherwise, the source code of both is fully open source.
(2011-05-20, 4:41:15 am)f8ll Wrote:  Chrome is just as open source as Firefox. AFAIK, only the logos and names are copyrighted. Otherwise, the source code of both is fully open source.

exactly, i think chromium is a (how do you say a branch of) of chrome.

EDIT: oh yeah... spin off
Other way around actually. Chromium was first. All the development is done in Chromium, then Google slaps on the chrome logo and name and makes a release.
I've used Chromium for awhile now (at the time of writing this post, about half a year now) and am very impressed.

Previously, I exclusively used Firefox and Netscape Navigator (until Netscape stopped production in 2009). Firefox is very reliable, secure and fast compared to other browsers, such as Internet Explorer --- IE always takes forever to load, no matter what the speed of the computer is...VERY frustrating.

Now I use Chromium and Firefox together, but most of the time, Chromium. It's very fast, and reliable for most usual web browsing, checking email, etc. Firefox however is more reliable in that it has been around longer and significantly improved since its initial release. Moreover, the plugins that are available for download for Firefox make it even more convenient.

So in general (for me):

Chromium: 8.5/10 --- Convenient for typical web browsing, checking email, etc., and good for its high speed.
Firefox: 9/10 --- More reliable, safer, and flexible.
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Netscape Navigator basically became Seamonkey, which, though no longer developed by the Mozilla team, is still around.

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