Why is your personal information necessary when applying?
Why is your personal information such your name, and even your address and phone number necessary when applying for free VPSes? I have seen another site that offers a similar service (web hosting) that doesn't require your personal information. You can even use an alias when applying.

Refer to that page for your query.

All we do is obey the US law.

If, for example, you abuse our service for massive DDoS attacks or other Internet crimes and the FBI knocks at the providers doors to take him for questioning (and probably has already confiscated the servers)and he finds out that it was a VPS that he sponsored to us he will ask us to give out your information to the FBI for the case. Keep in mind this is just an example to give you a realistic situation where we would need your information.

This does not only apply to the FBI. Every authority that has the permission to ask for this private data will get it from us (FBI, police, CIA, courts, lawyers, BKA/LKA (German police) or other authorities from other countries). By the law we are forced to collect these information and give them out on request of the authorities.

I can assure that no one other than you and the people who do the giveaways and check applications (loyal staffs that are working here since a long time) will see your private information. We will not give them out to anyone without a proper proof (for example a scan of the official letter from court where the authorities got the permission).

This is necessary not only because of the law but also because we're protecting us against any kind of problems that were caused by the users as we're not responsible for their actions.
Adding to Nevil's reply, you can ask to get your information removed, if you wish to leave this forum anytime.
Left FreeVPS, may pay a random visit sometime.

I think Nevil have explained it well, but if you're still not comfortable and in doubt regarding that rule/requirement, still I encourage you to stick around, as you join us and participate with the community till you got enough score to get a free VPS I hope the admins gains your trust.
Thanks FreeVPS.us! for the free VPS and for all the knowledge that I've learned here at the forum.
many vps provider need ur personal information
I saw that a trial vps provider need ur identity proof(look in other free vps provider section)
It is not bad to provide some information as ur geting it for free and the providers dont want to get in any troubles because of you
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Thank you for all your help. I was quite surprised that so many people replied so quickly. By the way, what would happen if you use fake information when applying for your VPS? Will you be banned from freevps?
Yes, you would be banned.
I Give Fake Information If The Company Its Fraudster .
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(2013-03-10, 9:08:48 pm)CyberID Wrote:  I Give Fake Information If The Company Its Fraudster .

be carefull,you will be banned.my sugestion change your fake information.
thanks to freevps.us& hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    Cheese

thanks to freevps.us& hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    

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