Free (sub)domains providers
The sud domain is not popular as before because nowaday the top level domain is so cheap and there are a lot of domain provider offer the promotion for the first year.
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#22 is best here as per my experience. it should be rated better than .tk
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Of course they are paid better but the free use only .tk, I think they're the best. My site is almost always online. And if it is offline for about 30 minutes maximum.
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#24 also got some awesome domains for use in subdomains (only for url redirection)..
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(2013-03-21, 11:04:31 am)sunartokuncoro Wrote:  i got free subdomain from malaysia.this is the link
this subdomain its free.

i cant get domain from was register it.their can't send email notification.
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updated reviews of:
best is

this two r best for me
ThE HaRt HacKer
i think is the best free domain.
I dont like free domains waste your time and hard works , anyway I suggest .TK , when your site grow you can easily move to new paid domain without lost traffic and rank using google webmaster tools
Yep, dot tk all the way. when you go to like free subdomains they have like popping ads everywhere which sucks.

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