Free (sub)domains providers
I know there is an older thread about this, but I see that it's outdated and closed, so maybe it's a nice idea starting a new discussion.

Here I'll post a list of free (sub)domain providers I've used or read of, with a small review.

Domain + DNS
It's my favourite provider.
With a free account you can get:
- 5 free subdomains from a list of over 90,000 'public' hosts. Public means that you can create subdomains under these domains and use them. Obviously, the owner of the domain has the right to delete domains.
- free DNS service. You can add domains you own and set them as 'public' or 'private'. For each domain you can create 20 zone record entries. This service is very nice to be used with .tk or other domains.
CONS: a lot of domains are hardly indexed by google
Vote: 9,5/10

.tk .cf .ml .ga
Freenom is getting important here. 4 TLD free domains, plus free services such as DNS. It's hard to get unnoticed when they have so much.
.tk was already famous. .cf and .ml only a little bit less than .tk.
The good thing about top level domains is that your sites can achieve very good ranks in search indexes.
In the past I had a few problems with .tk domains redirecting to ads, but I hope now this won't happen again. I suppose that they still do that if your sites have very very few visits (maybe less than 1/day).
Because you don't pay for these domains, you will not own them, but only have the right to use them for the registered period of time. You can buy them if you want.
Vote: 9,5/10
This domain maybe reminds you of, which died recently.
It is quite similar to You can create a high number (100) of free domains, and use their nameservers, which are very easy to configure.
It's quite a nice service. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow me to share links because they are flagged as spam, and this is very annoying, but otherwise it's a very nice provider.
Let's hope it won't go down like did.
CONS: no Ipv6/AAAA records support. Facebook marks as spam.
Vote: 8,0/10
One of the first free domain providers. Their website is really old-styled, basic plain HTML. The registration process is automated, but the domain request is not. After requesting the domain, you may have to wait many days before being able to use it.
I consider their free domains 4th level subdomains because they won't allow you to register directly under, but only under one of a list of domains like
You need a DNS server before registering a domain.
I've tried requesting a domain and using it with afraid's free dns service. The dns works (servers got response during registration procedure), but, 18 days after my request, the domain hasn't been activated yet.
People that have a domain from them are very satisfied with it. The service seems to be very reliable, 100% ads-free.
Vote: 6,0-7,5/10
- Currently can register upto 2 domains for free.
- All DNS changes are instant. option to set up your nameserver setting for your domain.
- One click option to configure the domain to popular services like tumblr, posterous, blogger etc.
[reviewed by deathbat6661]
suggested by jojo12345

URL redirect only
It's URL redirect only, no DNS. It can be very useful either if you don't want configure anything 'difficult' like dns records or your site is hosted not on a VPS, but on another service which already has a domain that you don't like.
It's a serious service: no ads, realiable.
Vote: 9,0/10
Like it's redirect only.
Vote: ? (haven't tried personally)

More will be added soon Smile
Obviously, you can create unlimited subdomains with
They offer (i think) about 10 subdomains that you can choose from.
Thanks for the share! is also my favourite, but very few that I would use work on Google, so that's a down point. Also my account got terminated for no reason, but I got it re enabled after a week or so.
I'd never heard of before and it's something I will use for definite in the future.

For my share, is another place to go for a domain, but it only supports url redirection a bit like offered. I would usually recommend this for starters on the Internet. I give it 6 out of 10
I prefer, the results of my experience not work well, if your website suspect many visitors it will be in the delete set dns and make ads
Thanks for sharing! I have to agree with you on . I really like how you have a lot of domains to pick from to make a subdomain of amd how the DNS is really use to use!Smile I've never heard of so I'll check that out Smile

Thanks for sharing Cheese,
I will include all your suggestions in the list Smile
.tk rocks , shorter than .com Tounge nice review , keep updating
I meny times used .tk domain... And
I cant able to ge domain bcoz whenever i want going to his site i get just errrrrrror.
I never used i think its good now i going it... Smile
Thank you FreeVPS for huge Giveways And For MY VPS's. Cheese
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.tk is d best 4 me..
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Thanks to and for VPS 2.and thanks to all Admins and all Moderators

(2013-03-20, 5:36:18 pm)Vinayd97 Wrote:  I meny times used .tk domain... And
I cant able to ge domain bcoz whenever i want going to his site i get just errrrrrror.
I never used i think its good now i going it... Smile

Of course the domain doesn't work. is dead for a while now (for unknown reason).

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