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Windows VS Linux VS Mac
What is the better OS?

For me, Windows, and sometimes, Linux.
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I have 2 linux computers/VPS that I use myself, and 1 Mac. The Mac gets the most use excluding running websites.

Better programs.
better command line and better for servers.
Only used for games.
My thoughts are,
Windows: Best for everyday usage.

Linux: Best OS for server environment.

MacOS: No idea! Smile
Hmm I like Linux very much, but unfortunately I have to use Windows because of application compatibility, and because it's the only OS where all my peripherals work correctly. For example, I can't get my logitech quickcams to work on Ubuntu, nor Fedora, nor OpenSuse.

I voted for both Linux and Windows...
Linux and Windows FTW! Linux is very good for deleting viruses and windows is very popular.
Linux is the best OS as it is stable, gets the job done, and doesn't waste resources. I would never host any kind of server on anything besides Linux. I use my Windows PC mostly for high-end gaming purposes, but that's about it.
Haku: what kind of games do you play?
I'm messing around with CentOS + Xen on my MBP and I am impressed. I can't believe there is a program to administer the Xen VPSs on the GUI considering the fact that most people running Xen will never use a GUI on the host node.
most use windows
Linux is good because it uses less resources

Windows is good because it is easy to use

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