Internet Speed
Modem to ethernet port on laptop:
[Image: 941928895.png]

[Image: 940769404.png]

[Image: 940752433.png]

[Image: 23773571.png]
Wifi from the motel I'm staying at:
[Image: 940953753.png]
@madmegatron that looks like my old DSL was right before we switched to roadrunner, except with a better ping. We were paying for 3 mbps but getting 1.5-1.6
Hmm, I'm paying for 20 Mb/s and it's over WiFi:
[Image: 941562371.png][Image: 23512144.png]
Try Ethernet as I get much better speed compared to WiFi.
[Image: 952479267.png]
I have fixed the speedtest at so you can use that one. This one is hosted in Dallas TX on my HostRail VPS, which is not the same as the ones we give away.
I have a hostrail based VPS. In you speed test, I got 1,5 MBPS download and 150 upload (with a radio running and NX). I got those speed connecting to my VPS too.
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In the test in freevps,I got this:

and on the other:
[Image: 992228982.png]
My Speed :

[Image: 865094629.png]

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