A Free 30 Days VPS - PRITELL
Pritell is a good free VPS that lasts 30 days. You can mount any linux OS or Windows OS. The only problem is with windows is that you need to use your key. I have no idea why they want you to put your key in instead of giving you the key :huh:. When you sign up, you have to do 2 offers. 1 on signing up, and one when you login :huh:. I have no idea why, but thats because they were people who were spamming free VPS on Pritell. Pritell had a fight with some ISP companies because people were using VPS for Child Pornography.


Edit: I talked to him why he added offers, because he needed money for the cost of the servers.
Heres a chart.
[Image: pritell.jpg]

Pritell joined the forums! Say hi to him! http://freevps.us/thread-1020-post-11397.html#pid11397
I just used my VPS to signup with them. It's a no brainer they block countries like UK and others - and for the survey part, I just stop the loading before the survey comes up Laugh
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They want you to provide a windows key because each license is hundreds of dollars (windows server anyway). They couldn't afford to supply that to everyone at those prices.
Pick one up from Microsoft Dreamspark.
how to register it?
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how to register it ?
How Register It ??
I picked windows in error and it doesn't let me pick up centos. Not good.
use USA ip Laugh
already registered Laugh

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